Together again!

This is my newest blog and this is my very first post!  I am joining Mommy Jes’ meme,

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My first entry to this meme was when the family and I celebrated Thai new year in the rain.  That was in my other blog– but I decided to make another blog exclusively for the family.  This is about our reunion after 9 months of being separated from each other.  So actually that “rain experience” was after this reunion… so this is sort of a “flashback”.  Here we go!

Hubby and I happily boarded our friend’s van to go to Suvharnabhumi International Airport.  I cannot begin to put into words how we felt that night.  Finally we will be embracing Ria (9) and Roi (5) once again!

Yay! It says the plane they were on already LANDED!

The waiting was like forever.

Ria and I crying in each other’s arms, while Roi just quietly enjoyed Hubby’s embrace.  It was the longest, most emotional hug I have ever experienced.  Nothing compares to the joy of being a family again!

With Reyna, my younger sister.  Can you tell how happy we are?